We consider it a privilege to partner with ministries, non profits, churches, and Christian leaders who are impacting the world. If what we do speaks to you or would help to advance your ministry, connect with us and look into joining the work God is doing.


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Steps to New Membership

There are three basic forms of membership with The Fellowship…  Individual, Church and Ministry Organizations.

In order to become a member of The Fellowship you must have the following:

  • You must pay your dues. See the dues schedule on the next page…
  • You must have a current member sponsor…  This is someone that is a member in good standing with The Fellowship, that can verify they know you, your church, or your ministry organization.  In the application, you must provide their name, email address and/or phone number so they can be contacted to verify you.  ** If you do not currently have a membership sponsor, then <Click Here> to request one.
  • Churches and organizations must submit the following before their application can be completed (can be submitted electronically with the online application to follow)
    • Current copy of the Constitution and By-Laws,
    • Current copy of your Resolution for Membership.  If you do not have a church resolution for membership, you may use one that The Fellowship Network provides.  This gives proof to The Fellowship Network and the IRS that your church or organization board held a meeting and voted to become affiliated with The Fellowship Network.
    • Employer Identification Number (EIN).  This is made available to you by applying a SS-4 form with the IRS.  This form is available to you on the OTHER FORMS page of our website, or you can visit the IRS website and apply online.
    • A copy of your Certificate of Incorporation.  If your church is not incorporated and needs help, you may contact our Office for assistance.

** Please note ** – This is a yearly renewable membership.  You must renew annually to remain a current member of The Fellowship.  You will receive a renewal notice each year stating the amount owed to retain current membership status.  Upon yearly renewal you will received an updated Membership Certificate.

We consider it a privilege to count you as part of our growing The Fellowship Network!  We pray that God will richly Bless and prosper your ministry this coming year. We thank you for your interest in becoming a member of The Fellowship.  Should you have any questions or issues that are not addressed here, please feel free to contact the Office, or send us a message with your questions.